T-Ball / Baseball / Softball Registration

GSA Spring Baseball and Softball Registration

Player Evaluations:

SOFTBALL– who must attend?

  • all new players 9 years old and up (birth years 2008 and older)
  • All returning players who played on a B-Team in 2017
  • All returning players who are entering a new division (age group)

SOFTBALL– who does not need to attend?

  • 8U (coach pitch players do not try out)
  • Returning Players who played on an A-Team in 2017 and are returning to the same age group, may return to the same team and do not need to try out.

BASEBALL– who needs to attend?

  • All new players coach pitch and up
  • All coach pitch players
  • All returning players moving up to a new age group

BASEBALL –who does NOT need to attend?

  • Tball players (they will be assigned to teams)
  • Players returning to same age group as 2017

***Evaluations are designed to help balance the teams and promote competitive parity in the league***

Eligible Ages:New-5 years old – Must be 5 by April 1st

New-Age on  MAY 1st of the current year (2018) for 6-12 years old

(Limits: No one younger than 5 years of age as of April. 1, of the current year or older than 12 years of age as of May 1, of the current year)

Ages will be determined as of May 1st, 2018 with the following exception – Five (5) year olds must turn 5 on or before April 1st.

Tee Ball – Five (5) and Six (6) Year Olds
Coach Pitch – Seven (7) and Eight (8) Year Olds
PeeWee – Nine (9) and Ten (10) Year Olds
Little – Eleven (11) and Twelve (12) Year Olds

Eligible Ages:  Ages will be determined as of Jan 1st, 2018

Age Divisions

U8 – Six, Seven and Eight years old

U10 – Nine and Ten years old

U12 – Eleven and Twelve years old

U16 – Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen and Sixteen years old

U18 – Seventeen and Eighteen years old.

Registration Deadline:

Spring 2018 T-ball, Baseball and Softball Registration is currently open until the deadline of March 1.

Registrations received after March 1st will be placed on a waiting list at the Athletic Director’s discretion and cannot be guaranteed placement. Each team roster is final at the start of the first scheduled game.

Julie Comer

Greater Southwest Athletics (Youth Recreational Club in Roanoke City, Region IV)
Website: GSAsports.org

email: jcomer@GSAsports.org

GSA office: 904-6442

234 Parkcrest Street, SW
Roanoke, VA 24014


If you have an outstanding balance, please contact GSA.

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Player Eligibility:  GSA, in partnership with Roanoke City Parks and Recreation Youth Athletics, provides recreational teams for Roanoke City players that reside in Region IV, Southwest Roanoke City.  To determine which of the four recreational clubs the organization for your residential area is, please contact Roanoke City Parks and Rec (853-2236) or go to:  http://www.playroanoke.com/athletics/recreation-club-regions/